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Trip Feedback

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The Offbeat Indian Subcontinent

The Indian subcontinent has forever beckoned millions of travellers from around the world to be captivated by its mystical air and awe – inspiring natural beauty. Apart from the numerous world famous tourist destinations, here are some truly authentic and off – beat experiences the subcontinent has to offer.

Adam’s Peak – Being a land of multiple faiths, the Adam’s peak truly portrays the religious diversity that Sri Lanka has and also brings all walks of life, religion, race and creed together. Regarded as the footprint of the Buddha by the Buddhists, of Shiva by the Hindus and of Adam by the Christians and Muslims, climbing the Adam’s peak is a unique experience with the devotees chanting versus out of folklore.

Helga’s Folly – Offering a unique bohemian experience, Helga’s folly is a meandering crimson mansion nestled in the jungles of Kandy that has been turned into a hotel. Visitors can rent a room and enjoy a relaxing stay in the hotel’s richly decorated bohemian styled parlours surrounded by pictured walls, heavy decoration and other knick – knacks.

Shani Shingnapur Village, Maharashtra –

In an era where mistrust breeds almost everywhere, a small town in Maharashtra differentiates itself with a ‘NO – DOOR’ culture that is built on deep faith and conviction in the power of their deity Lord Shani. A pleasant sight for any visitor, the village is truly unique where people live in houses without doors. A trip to Shingnapur could be coupled with a visit to the famous Shirdi shrine around 70 kms away.

Culinary Walk in Lucknow –

An awesome option for all the foodies out there, a guided culinary walk through the streets of Lucknow is the best way to treat hungry palates with mouth-watering Awadhi delicacies. Armed with a set of personal cutlery and basic dining gadgets, visitors could walk into the best of the restaurants or eat from the sweet shop across the street. Read More

Cycle tour of Old Delhi –

A cycle tour of Old Delhi is one of the best ways to explore the age old cultural heritage of Old Delhi. As one pedals through its four hundred year old alleys, this cycling tour transports every visitor to the life and times of the great Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan. Read More

Majuli Islands, Assam –

A perfect offbeat spiritual getaway in the world’s largest fresh water island can be just the needed break to recharge flagging energies. Majuli island, located on the river Brahmaputra in Assam is the cultural backbone of the state. Visiting the several Assamese monasteries, mingling with the local tribes and bird watching are some of the ways one can relax at the island.